Friday, 30 March 2012


Jared has gone to shul for the Shabbat morning service, unfortunately Ben is still feeling really rubbish (extra sad face) so has stayed home to try and recover before more interviews today. Fear not though faithful readers, Bared will be reunited shortly!

When Ben had rejoined Jared after the service, they will be meeting Mr. Ausch, the former Mr. President of the Jewish community in Targu Mures. By all accounts he is an incredible man who has given a lot of his life to this community. We are very excited to meet him and interested in understanding his experiences in the Holocaust.

Also, Susie our wonderful Targu Muresian guide's son is a film maker so he will be filming us today while we film our documentary. It is exciting but quite strange to be the subjects of a film within a film, maybe an oscar for best actor isn't such a ridonculous idea now!

Afterwards, all being well, we are going to take Susie out for dinner to thank her for organising everything for us here!  


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