Thursday, 29 March 2012


Although we only wrote the basics of her story on the blog, we are sure that you are all able to imagine the horrendous situation that Mrs. Naftali found herself in, just because she was Jewish. She was stripped of her belongings, her hair, her liberty and her family. It also makes us realise how brave these people are. We go along with our camera and our questions and we cry when we hear Mrs. Naftali tell her story but what about her after we go? It feels so terrible to ask someone to dredge up their darkest memories and then leave them once they open up. Unfortunately, that is part of the work that we are doing and we must record these testimonies while we still have a chance.

After meeting Mrs. Naftali earlier and hearing how thirty seven members of her family were murdered you really begin to appreciate the love that you have.

It is at times quite unbelievable that the Holocaust ever took place but it did take place and millions of families were ripped apart in the process. Before we left for Krakow we wrote a post about love and advised that everyone should tell the people that they love, that they love them. This sentiment is even more important to us now. Imagine never getting the opportunity to tell your family, your friends, your lover how you feel about them before you lose them forever. To us that is unthinkable. So, take this opportunity to tell your loved ones how you feel, remembering how lucky you are that you are able to do that, and remember that millions of people never get or got that simple basic opportunity.

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