Friday, 2 March 2012


So, we have five days to go and we are putting the last minute touches to our plans. It is really strange, we began this journey six months ago and now it's here, it's all a little frightening!

We are going to be away for six weeks (from March 8th - April 20th) and we are visiting:

Poland (8th - 24th March)
  • Krakow
  • Lodz
  • Warsaw
  • Lublin
Hungary (25th - 28th March)
  • Budapest
Romania (29th March - 1st March)
  • Targu Mures
  • Bucharest
Ukraine (2nd April - 11th April)
  • Odessa
  • Kiev
Russia (12th April - 20th April)
  • Moscow
  • St. Petersburg
We are going to be visiting six death camps in Poland, experiencing the cities that we are travelling to, meeting with Holocaust survivors and the Jewish communities that remain today. We will be videoing everything that we do and we will be creating a documentary about our experiences.

Although our subject matter is going to be largely Jewish we are not wanting to focus on the Jewish story of the Holocaust. We are going to be focusing on the 'human' story. By meeting with survivors and listening to their stories we will see how prejudice makes people really suffer.

People are people; regardless of their religion, sexuality, colour or whatever, and we want to understand how people could murder innocent men, women and children, in order that we can help prevent it ever happening again. Prejudice, of any kind, just needs to stop.

As you follow our journey we want you to think about the world that you live in and how you shape it. Do you create a world where people can live freely and openly without fear of prejudice? We all have a choice in what we say and how we behave and we hope that our journey helps you to learn from the past to create a better tomorrow.

Ch ch ch check this out, it's quite beautiful:

Wish us luck and please follow us and don't forget to comment!

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