Tuesday, 13 March 2012


We had a GREAT day in Warsaw, we managed to navigate ourselves from our hostel (which is REALLY far away) into the centre of Warsaw. We got on and off the same tram route because we got a bit lost, but as we are such fearless/intrepid explorers we were quickly back on the right track!

Warsaw is big and grey (a bit like Glasgow) but we quite like it (so not like Glasgow).  We made three new friends today (one of which wore a matching(ish) coat to Ben, please see below). We were invited to an Ethiopian party and now we are back at the hostel playing scrabble (we are really hardcore) with our most recent friend. Her name is Victoria and she is Australian (we know that this will make one particular reader VERY happy) and her parentals are Polish and she moved over here to get married (we are the biggest romantics in the world so her dedication to love made us very happy)! She is going to come with us tomorrow and be our assistant (how fun!) when we film at the Warsaw ghetto.

                                                        Our new assistant, Victoria

As we said, tomorrow we are going to be filming with our new assistant Victoria(!), at the site of the former Warsaw ghetto, the biggest ghetto in existence during the war. It is going to be very interesting!



  1. Looking good Jared :D Ben, eh... not so much.
    Hope your having a good time

  2. Second reading - and you still make it sound like my parents shipped me off for an arranged marriage. And while you romantic softies might be moved by my committment to love, I want it on the record that I am not a sentimental pussy (like some I know...)
    -- Victoria (assistant)