Thursday, 29 March 2012


After a fairly unsatisfying sleep we have a jam packed day planned. We are going to the sensational and very Russian looking Synagogue to meet Susie our wonderful guide, and the President of the remaining Jewish community here (before the war there were 6,000 Jewish people living here, now there are about 200), we are going to interview him to find out his experiences during the war. We will also get a tour of the Synagogue and old cemetery.

Synagogue in Targu Mures

After our time at the Synagogue we are going to interview another Holocaust survivor to record their testimonies. Although this is a difficult task for everyone involved it is nevertheless extremely important. It is absolutely vital that we have first hand accounts of the atrocities which took place. First of all we need to teach future generations about it, letting them know how badly humanity can act. Secondly, because even in a place such as Targu Mures with a large community of suvivors, people deny the Holocaust ever took place. And although we personally do not believe in directly engaging with these people (to debate, for example, will legitimise their view points and in our opinion Holocaust denial is nothing but racism), all we can do is educate people as much as possible.

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