Monday, 5 March 2012


Article in Jewish Telegraph:
Youth workers heading off for research trip

FORMER UJIA Community Programmes youth workers Ben Freeman and Jared Ross are about to undertake a special tour.

Ben, 25, and Jared, 20, leave the UK on Thursday for a six-week Holocaust research trip to Poland, Hungary, Romania, the Ukraine and Russia.

Ben explained: "We are going to meet Holocaust survivors and we will be videoing what we are doing.
"We've arranged meetings with the communities and with Jewish Holocaust survivors. It's not just about their experiences, but about understanding minority groups and tolerating people who are different.
We've organised the venture and are mainly funding it ourselves, with a little financial support. Hopefully we'll be able to sell the video. We are planning to run a seminar when we get back."

Jared was the youth worker and Ben the tour leader on last year's UJIA Poland trip. It was that return visit for both of them that prompted them to undertake this new initiative.
Jared explained: "When we came back from Poland last September, we realised that we wanted to take our work further.

"We started looking at issues of intolerance. As educators, we knew that the best way to impart knowledge was to further our own levels of awareness and understanding."We thought - what better way to do so than by arranging and facilitating our own trip? 

"We've been planning and organising it ever since. We decided to visit places where there had been vast levels of intolerance and where general hatred was prevalent.
"We wish to understand more so that we can help change people's perceptions of humankind and develop the Learning from Yesterday for a Better Tomorrow theme."

Anyone who would like to make a contribution towards the cost of the trip should email

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