Thursday, 8 March 2012


Wow, What a day!

We began filming in the Sukinitza, a beautiful main square in Krakow and it was really lovely. As some of you may know today is International Women's Day and we watched with great excitement many a man deliberate over which flower to buy their special lady friend on this their special day. Most seemed to opt for tulips.

We then walked to the Kazmierz, the Jewish quarter where we successfully negotiated our way to a our favourite cafe in Krakow where they sell the thickest, richest hot chocolate known to man, it was basically chocolate soup.

After our well deserved rest we met with Jonathan Ornstein (see post below) and we discussed how the Jewish community of Krakow is an amazing succes story. They're a growing, vibrant community that is really making a new life for itself post-Holocaust. 

We were then, much to our surprise, taken to a Purim (festival where we drink to celebrate the survival of the Jewish people) party in an old synagogue where we were plied with drink, fed a three course meal and forced to make a speech explaining what we were doing in Krakow. We met with some amazing individuals who we are going to spend more time with when we return to Krakow in a couple of weeks. We are going to discuss a possible joint venture with different groups in Poland. This is all very exciting!

Tomorrow we are going to Lodz, so now we must sleep.


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