Friday, 9 March 2012


We are currently waiting on a train to Lodz from Krakow. FYI, travelling by train in Poland is very stressful! Through our expert investigative skills we have managed to work out exactly which platform to go to (it's harder than it sounds, we assure you)!

As we sit and wait on our train we couldn't help but wonder about exactly which way we should be teaching the Holocaust.  Some believe that we should teach it to make sure that the Jews never suffer in that way again. Some argue we need to teach it for its own sake. We happen to disagree.

In our opinion the Holocaust should be used as an education tool; it can't just be taught for the sake of teaching it. Of course we have to know what happened, but for any of us to move forward (and we must), it should be used as way to open discussion on what people are capable of and how (because we aren't entirely sure) we stop it happening again.

Also, most importantly we must have hope. We must also remember that during the Holocaust thousands of people put their lives at risk to help others and we must always believe in the good of  humanity. Otherwise, what is the point of a life without hope?

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