Thursday, 8 March 2012


Well, we have arrived safely in Krakow (although we are already experiencing back ache, our bags are stupidly heavy - eek!) and we are ensconced in our 1920's themed hostel - The Hostel Deco.  We have been testing our camera equipment and we have made some hilarious home videos, unfortunately for you though, they are for our private collection only. 

                                                             The cast, crew, directors, producers and editors of FYFT.

We are about to go to the Kazmierz, the former Jewish area of Krakow. Before the war there were around 300,000 Jewish people living here, now there are only a few hundred remaining. It is a very interesting place to visit but it is strange because of course, people have to continue to live their lives in these places but for us they are like hallowed ground. Not because the sites are Jewish or religious but because people once lived here and had full, rich lives and those lives were snatched away from them. It's a difficult one. 

We are going to be meeting with Jonathan Ornstein, Director of the Krakow Jewish Community Centre (which was opened by Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall) and we are going to talk to him about the importance of Holocaust education and how we make the Holocaust relevant for current and future generations.

Day one is looking good!

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  1. Czesc! I've been catching up with your blog and thought you should know - I've been to Kazmierz! I'm practically Jewish now.