Wednesday, 21 March 2012


We are leaving the lovely Lublin today (sad face), and we have had enjoyed this city MUCH more than we thought we would. We actually only came to here as it is the nearest city to Belzec, Sobibor and Treblinka death camps but it turns out it is a really nice city! The old town is pretty beautiful and we ate dinner there every night, was was tres cool.

It has been an intense few days; filming at three death camps in as many days was never going to be easy, and it wasn't. People may wonder why we bothered driving three hours to visit a field/memorial for only a two hour visit and especially as so many of the stories are the same but we wanted to see for ourselves. We also wanted to pay our respects to the hundreds of thousands of people who were murdered there. It was also especially interesting filming at places which are in such different conditions; Majdanek is pretty much as it was, Sobibor has nothing left and even the museum has been abandoned (although a new one is being built in two years) and Belzec has an excellent museum with a very moving and thought provoking monument.  It has been intense but worth it.

We are going to drive back to Warsaw today (takes about three hours) to drop off the car and then do some reshooting of the Warsaw ghetto uprising sites. Then, we are back to the trusty train as our mode of transport, choo chooing it south to Krakow, our last stop in Poland. Krakow will be interesting because of the interviews we have set up, with the Directors of the Jewish Community and the Galicia Museum. We will also be interviewing a Righteous Among the Nations, an person who saved Jewish people during the war.  That will be quite an experience, we are also going to visit Auschwitz death camp. Then, we go to Budapest. We can't believe that we have nearly finished our time in Poland. 

Jewish lunch in the Jewish restaurant (mum's chicken soup is better)

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