Sunday, 25 March 2012


We had a great day!

We had to return to the car rental place because we left our microphone in the car yesterday, and the man was really rather rude! He misunderstood our Polish (shock!) and he thought that we wanted to rent the car again, he shouted at us in Polish but we weren't so bothered to be honest as we had absolutely no idea what he was shouting about! 

We then met the ever interesting Marla and Jay Osborn for brunch and we had really interesting chats about our trip  and their plans over the next few months. We then hung out in the ice-cream shop (for such a cold country Poland has a rather odd pre-occupation with ice-cream), although we had muesli, and labelled our footage from yesterday's filming.

We then went to Marla and Jay's apartment where we hung out and chatted some more before going with Marla to meet Anna Makokwka, who is very involved with the Czulent group (a cultural Jewish association of young people) - we are having a meeting with her on Tuesday night to discuss our project and to interview her.

In other news, we got haircuts. 

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