Wednesday, 28 March 2012


Today we say goodbye to Krakow and Poland (sob, sob). It has been an amazing twenty one days and we have seen and learnt so much. In fact we got so used to being here and speaking Polish so fluently, that we almost forgot we are visiting three more countries!

We are so glad that we have seen Poland in a way which we have never seen it before. Previously when we came to Poland, we were on organised trips so we never got a chance to venture and explore the city (like the intrepid explorers that we quite clearly are) but this time we explored to our hearts content. We have really enjoyed every city that we have visited (Krakow, Lodz, Warsaw and Lublin) and they have all offered something different to our trip. It is amazing to see Poland in a positive light especially when it is associated with so much darkness. There is a positive, hopeful story here, especially in Krakow and they are so important to focus on.

This afternoon we are travelling south through Slovakia to Budapest in Hungary and then taking a night bus from Budapest to Targu Mures in Romania. After Targu Mures we are travelling to Bucharest (the capital city) and then on to Odessa in Ukraine.

The reason we are visiting Targu Mures is because of the links it has to Glasgow through the Targu Mures Trust.  This trust was set up in January 2000 to aid and assist Holocaust survivors living in poverty. The trust helps with medical needs and has set up a care home system helping people cook, shop amongst other things. It is going to be an amazing experience to visit Targu Mures and it is going to be really emotional to conduct the interviews with Holocaust survivors and seeing the remaining Jewish community left today. In Targu Mures we are wanting to really focus on capturing the human cost of prejudice.

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  1. Targu Mures does sound interesting. But 22 hours sounds like a pain in the bum. Plus, no in-flight movies!! (I say this because it takes about 22 hrs to get to the land of Oz) What will you do with your time? 22 hours is a lot of sudoku!!!