Tuesday, 27 March 2012


We spent our last full day in Krakow in the company of some very fine people! We filmed at the Galicia museum before heading to the Krakow JCC to see Jonathan Ornstein one last time (sob), Jonathan then very kindly set up an interview with a Holocaust survivor who hid under false papers with her mother during the occupation of Poland. It was really interesting and very emotional to hear her accounts of her time during the war. 

We then met a group of French students who at first were very hesitant to say that they were Jewish because they were afraid of negative reactions. Last week students in a Jewish school in Toulouse were gunned down in an anti-Semitic attack and it was so sad to see these people so afraid. We had an interesting chat with their headmaster from Paris, who we enquired about job opportunities. As we said, we are shameless self-promoters.

Self-promotion outside the Krakow JCC with our new friend Karolina W√≥jcik

We then had a lovely and enlightening dinner with Helen and Aaron (from Melbourne, NOT Sydney - our apologies) and discussed the possibilities of taking our project (and us) to Australia. It is so incredible the places that this project could take us and for people from all over the world to have taken interest in what we are doing. It's all a bit surreal!

Helen and Aaron

We then met with Anna and Pitor Makowka, Holocaust educators in Poland and we discussed what it means to be Jewish in Poland and to be the grandchildren of Holocaust survivors. They talked a lot about the trauma that people suffer when they are exposed to prejudice. They have such an interesting take on the whole subject and it was so great to bounce our ideas off them. We also talked briefly about the possibilities of using the documentary as an educational tool in schools in Poland.

This is all getting a bit mental!!

Getting mental

In other news, we have information to report: At 2:30pm we will begin a twenty two (one hour has mysteriously been added to the previous estimation of twenty one) hour journey to Romania, by bus. It is going to be quite an experience that will test our skills as intrepid explorers.

Please, for the love of all that is good, wish us luck.

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