Thursday, 22 March 2012


All of our neighbours are noisy (sad face).

We have been RUDELY awoken in Krakow by our noisy neighbours AGAIN, fear not though concerned readers they have been evicted by the Hostel (nar, we're only kidding, they just left)!

We are getting ready for a major day of research at the Galicia Museum (see Exhaustion post for more details) and this afternoon we are interviewing Jakub Nowakowski, the Director of the Museum. We are especially interested to speaking to him because he is in the business of keeping the memory of the Holocaust alive (albeit through a different form) and it will be interesting to hear from him, his experience of working in Holocaust education.

We will also be interviewing a Righteous Among the Nations, a non-Jewish Polish person who saved Jewish people during the Holocaust. This will be an incredibly moving interview and we can't wait to hear first how this person and their family put themselves at risk to save others. Just like the ghetto fighters, this story is one we can take a lot of inspiration from; standing up for the rights of others regardless of the fact that your rights may still be intact. We must also learn from these stories as there is good in humanity and we must focus on that, if we continuously focus on the negatives then what hope can we have for the future?

We just want to thank you once again for reading this blog, to know that we have support from you is very special. This project is of course our own personal journey, but we feel that you are with us here, at least in spirit.


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