Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Today did not turn out as planned - Warsaw is an incredibly interesting city and it is really quite large so we decided with our assistant(!) Victoria, that we would use today as a reconnaissance mision. It is really important for our filming that we know the area and we are also fully comfortable with the story we are telling. We will return tomorrow to film the sites we checked out today.

Warsaw is super interesting because it was largely flattened by the Nazis during the war, they really destroyed the entire city so there is nothing original left to see. It was quite odd practising filming in the old ghetto, as it was completely rebuilt and is a really rather nice area of town now. It is really interesting and we visited the Church where Chopin's heart is buried.

We learnt a lot about the Polish attitude to Jewish people from our assistant(!) Victoria, which was really great! She told us how Poland is still very traditionally anti-Semitic (based on the views that all Jewish people are gazillionaires) and despite the Holocaust many older people's thoughts haven't really changed. It is so interesting speaking to a Westerner with first hand knowledge of Poland about the society and prejudice. We were walking through areas of town today and we would have had trouble if the locals knew that we were Jewish. That is quite strange to be in this environment, especially as it is the site of one of the most awful instances of prejudice in history.

We are going to rent a car to drive to Treblinka death camp on Friday and we are kind of terrified, driving in Poland is scary and the people are reckless, even more so than us, so that shall be an experience. We have all of our fingers and toes crossed that we arrive back in one piece, and if there isn't a blog post on Friday night you will know that something has gone wrong!

Parking is hard!

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