Tuesday, 27 March 2012


We are sitting in the Galicia museum after making the lovely receptionist like our Facebook page and view the blog! We are shamelessly self-promoting.

Today is our last full day in Krakow (sob) and we are spending it wisely. We are filming at the Galicia today and then moving on the Jewish Community Centre to film there. It is so important to talk about the revival of the Krakow Jewish Community. In Glasgow, Jewish events require security from Jewish security organisations and sometimes even the Police, in Krakow the centre is open without an intrusive visible security. That, to us is amazing that in Krakow such a place exists! It is quite remarkable that we ate dinner on the Sabbath at a communal dinner at a Jewish organisation just forty five minutes from Auschwitz.

We think that there is no point in talking about the Holocaust if there is no positive message from it, otherwise it is just an extremely depressing history lesson without any hope for the future. Long term changes can only be made if there is a positive message which leaves people with something to look forward to. 
The revival of the Jewish community in Krakow is extremely positive and it is not just a Jewish story it is a human story. The strength of the human spirit and the ability for people to carry on with their lives after suffering a great tragedy is pretty remarkable.  We must continue on with our lives whilst still remembering and learning from the past. 

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