Thursday, 15 March 2012


Today we started this morning by singing. We sang the entire score from Bugsy Malone and then complained about the NOISY girls from room 33. They were noisy again this morning! 

We also just understood half an entire Polish conversation that we were eavesdropping in - they said something about 'at the moment' (which we will teach you in our next vlog). Our Polish is improving at an alarming rate, by the end of this trip we will almost certainly have forgotten English. 

We are going to go back to the Warsaw Ghetto today to film today. Although the ghetto was a terrible, terrible place we are going to be focussing on the story of the ghetto uprising (young men and women who fought back against the Nazis, quite successfully, in 1943) as their story is too inspirational not to focus on that. We really have quite a specific educational aim; by telling the stories of the Holocaust we want to help people understand the importance of tolerance and respect and the dangers of prejudice. Therefore, every site we visit/story we tell has to conform with our educational aims.

Our assistant(!) Victoria is accompanying us today which is really helpful as she has an insight into the Polish culture, especially their opinions on Jewish people. Today is going to be a really inspiring day.

Also, we are all part of a global community as our blog is being followed by people on every continent (except Antartica)! We want to thank you all for your support, Please keep it up and keep spreading the word!


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