Thursday, 29 March 2012


After a twenty-two hour journey which included, one snickers, one lion bar, one juice box, one neste bsoshkveenya, one sandwich, one packet of crisps and one pain au chocolat (all of which were finished within the first hour of the journey, sad face) we have FINALLY arrived in Targu Mures!

We were met at the bus station by Susie, the Targu Mures Trust representative on location who has so kindly agreed to coordinate our trip and arrange interviews with Holocaust survivors and the remaining Jewish community. It is going to be an extremely interesting, and we are sure emotional, few days.  

We are so fortunate that we get the chance to interview Holocaust survivors, our first of which is this afternoon, in a few years due to their old age, many survivors will no longer be with us and that will present the challenge of educating about the Holocaust with no eye-witnesses. We just need to make sure that we record as many survivor testimonies as possible to ensure their story is remembered.

Link to Targu Mures Trust:

Right, we are unbelievably sleepy after that journey so we are going to have a nap before our interview laterz.


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