Friday, 16 March 2012


We are about to go to collect our rental car so we can drive to Treblinka death camp.

Treblinka was created during Aktion Reinhard (1941 - 1943), the final plan to exterminate Jewish people in Poland, named after Reinhard Heydrich (a top ranking Nazi who helped plan the Holocaust). It was active between July 1942 and October 1943 (when a rebellion from prisoners saw its ultimate destruction) and as we said yesterday, in 15 months, 850,000 people were murdered here.

The people murdered at Treblinka came (in general) from the Warsaw ghetto and other surrounding areas. They would have arrived at Treblinka in cattle carts were they were beaten as they were made to walk in columns to the gas chambers. Barbers were waiting for them in the chambers so they could cut their hair (to be used to make rope or blankets) before the gassing.  The barbers sometimes had to do the unimaginable task of cutting the hair of their wives, mothers, children, friends before leaving them to die. That is a pain that none of us should ever experience. 

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