Tuesday, 13 March 2012


We have arrived in Warsaw and we are currently residing in Hostel Krokodyle!

We made yet ANOTHER friend on the train from Lodz, a lovely girl called Anna and she helped us negotiate the Warsaw Central train station. It is a really interesting city and we are excited to share with you what we discover!

We will be doing more videoblogs (after the MASSIVE success of the last one) - sadly our Polish has not improved sufficiently to make another Polish language video but fear not faithful followers, we are in the process of creating a different video of equal cultural relevance and interest.

We know that people are reading this blog (we are a little obsessed with the stats that we can access) but it would be nice to hear from you all too, tell us what you think of what we are doing, if you are unsure of anything then please ask. Remember this isn't just our journey, it's for everyone!

And due to popular demand, please see below for the picture of Ben on the ice in Lodz. It is definite proof that we are fearless explorers:

Do widzenia (goodbye)!

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  1. That's some risk you're taking there, Ben... ;)