Friday, 23 March 2012


We had a very nice taxi ride from our hostel to the Kazmierz (Jewish quarter of Krakow) and we realised just how beautiful Krakow is. We also thought how the city itself must be scarred by the events of the Holocaust, 64,000 of its people were murdered. It is the strange situation that Poland finds itself in, victim as well as perpetrator. The reality is that nothing to do with the Holocaust is simple.

We just spent some time filming in the lovely Szeroka Square, there used to be six synagogues in this square alone (now there is only one), there were 300 in the whole of Krakow and there are six active synagogues in the whole of Glasgow, so that will give you some idea of the number of Jewish people who lived here. 

We had some delicious Neste Bshoshkveenya in the sun and we thought again about the story of prejudice. We decided upon this definition, prejudice (in general) falls into three categories; Cultural (name calling, bullying, racism, homophobia, sexism), Legal (laws enacted against particular groups in society, i.e  the fact that gay men and women still cannot marry in the UK) and Persecutory (people being segregated in society, hate crimes, murders, gas chambers). This is the story of prejudice and each stage CANNOT exist without the previous one and whether we like it or not if we participate even in cultural prejudice then we are part of the the process that leads to legal and persecutory. It's all about choice people!

We are carrying on with interviews today, we are meeting with Jonathan Ornstein, the Director of the Krakow Jewish Community and we are going to be discussing how he thinks that people should deal with the Holocaust today.  We are currently back in the Galicia museum (the most AMAZING resource) carrying on with research.

Happy Friday

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