Friday, 9 March 2012


We had a LONG day, we waited in the train station mall (which was actually pretty superb) for four hours, then we had to get a four hour train to Łódź in central Poland (pronounced Woodge, Polish is hard) where we made four new friends!  

A lovely girl called Baisa (pronounced Basha) helped us when the ticket man asked lots of Polish questions and we bonded with her, her boyfriend is an educational film maker so we are going to try and meet up with them tomorrow! Throughout the journey there were three massive guys sitting opposite us and they were drinking (ALCOHOL) and were quite intimidating (because they were bigger boys) but then, all of a sudden, out of the blue, taking us completely by surprise, they started chatting like there was no tomorrow! Although they did say that we spoke Polish like children.

We are now resting our backs (the bags are still disgustingly heavy) in the Jewish Guest House in Łódź (still pronounced Woodge). 

Hope your day was good 

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