Sunday, 1 April 2012

Au revoir.

This evening we leave Targu Mures and we travel South to Bucharest, the capital of Romania. 

Before we leave we are interviewing Mrs.Marmor, a lovely lady who, like so many of her peers in Targu Mures, also survived the Holocaust. After the interview we are continuing to film the film within a film, we are going to the Jewish cemetery and we are going to look at the first Holocaust memorial built in Romania (remember, it was organised by Mr. Ausch).

After all that we will pack up our insanely heavy bags and board a train for a TEN hour train journey to this fine nations capital, Bucharest.

Targu Mures has been an amazing experience, we came here specifically because of the Targu Mures Trust and we have met so many amazing people. Susie has been excellent and she also treated us yesterday to a piano recital, she played Beethoven, Mozart and loadsa other composers. T'was beautiful. We also feel so lucky that we have met so many Holocaust survivors, not only because time is running out to record their testimonies but because they are so inspirational. It is remarkable to be sitting across from someone who has survived Auschwitz and other concentration camps but who is still smiling. Meeting these amazing people really helps you realise the important things in life; love, happiness, health and if you got all three then you're sorted!

Au revoir!

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