Monday, 2 April 2012


We are very tired today after our mammoth journey, so we have rested quite a bit. We took a stroll around a lake and we had some Nesté Bsoshkveenya! 

We have had a lot of time to think today and we wanted to write a blog post specifically dedicated to why we are on this trip. Why we have spent ALL of our money to come away and make a documentary about a subject which people know plenty about anyway.

Quite simply we believe that all men and women are created equal. We believe that every single human being has the responsibility to stand up for the rights of others and we believe that we have to learn from the Holocaust. As we have stated earlier, the Holocaust is (in our opinion) not only the attempted extermination of all the Jewish people, Gay people, Gypsy people etc. from the earth but it attempted to wipe out families, and more specifically love.  The tragedy of the Holocaust lies in the survivors that we met. The fact that they lost parents, siblings, friends, lovers, teachers and countless other people that they loved. We believe that that is simply unacceptable. We believe that it is simply unacceptable that people were persecuted and we believe that it simply unacceptable that people continue to be persecuted every single day. Regardless of colour, religion or sexuality all men and women are deserving of the same rights and every life is precious.

Martin Luther King Jr. said that there are two kinds of laws; the laws made by man and laws made by a higher authority and that we should never rest until all the laws made by man correlate to those made by the higher authority. 

We believe that when we see injustice we have a duty to protest against it. We believe that we have a duty to protect and maintain the rights of others, not just our own.  We believe that we have a duty to honour those who have had their precious lives cut short and we believe that the only way of honouring those people is by working towards a future were no man, woman or child ever faces prejudice. People may think that we are idealistic or naive, but to be honest we would rather believe in the possibility of a better world than simply accept the destruction of human life, in whatever form it may come.

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