Monday, 2 April 2012


Well, we have arrived in Bucharest from Targu Mures. It was an interesting journey, and that's all we want to say about that. 

We are staying in Hostel Tina, what we have quickly realised is that it is the owner's house 'converted' into a hostel. It is costing us £6.80 a night and we are sleeping in homemade bunk beds (I guess you get what you pay for!). We were asked to take our shoes off as we entered and there is no lock on our 'door'. We are not really sure what else to say about our experience so far in Hostel Tina but we shall keep you abreast of our time spent here.

Bucharest, the capital of Romania, is a poor city in the south. We will explore later on and commence filming but first we are going to try and get some sleep right now (although this room is hotter than the sun) because, as you can imagine, trying to sleep on a train for nine hours isn't actually that comfortable. Who knew?!


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