Wednesday, 18 April 2012


We missed our bus! The stupid taxi man didn't arrive so we missed the 12:45pm bus from St. Petes to Tallinn (the capital of Estionia). We were quite enraged. We then had to spend MORE money (because Russia hasn't cost us enough) to get the next bus at 4:45pm, on this bus we weren't meant to arrive into Tallinn until 11pm! Argh! 

After nipping out for a spot of (unsatisfying) lunch, we arrived back at the hostel an hour and a half before the bus was meant to leave so we could get a taxi. Well lo and behold THIS taxi never arrived in time EITHER, so we had to get the metro and we arrived at the bus station to watch our second bus of the day drive away. Hell hath no fury than Bared delayed. We are sure that everyone reading this will understand how overjoyed we were at missing two bloody busses in one day and spending EVEN MORE MONEY WHICH WE DON'T HAVE! Now the next bus isn't until 11pm, so we don't arrive into Tallinn until 6am!!! Travelling is getting real old.

A Chinese version of us.
Despite the horridiousness (a portmanteau of hideous and horrendous) of today we have loved St. Petes, it has been amazing and the art and culture that we have seen has been mind blowing. We are glad to leave because otherwise we might have to consider selling a kidney just to pay for dinner.

Estonia has a really interesting history, it was under both Nazi and Soviet rule (at different times obviously) and similarly to pretty much everywhere else Jewish people were excluded from the economy, because of this 75% of the Jewish population of Estonia managed to escape to the Soviet Union. The rest were shot into ditches. By January 1942, Estonia was declared 'Judenfrei' (Jew free). The story of the Holocaust did not end there, it was the place of death for many foreign Jewish people in twenty two concentration camps across the country.

We hope we ACTUALLY get to Tallinn to learn it's interesting history, seriously, with our luck, we may not. 

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