Monday, 9 April 2012


We met Jenny for an AMAZING breakfast of poached eggs, it was delightful! We had a lot of fun. We also visited the Jewish Museum in Odessa, which was fairly interesting. Most interesting though, was an American tour group that we ran in to. They gave us their cards and asked us to show our documentary at their film festival. Not too shabby. We are currently researching a list of email addresses so we can send information about the documentary and blog to. Tonight we are travelling ten hours by bus to Kiev. Gross.

We chatted about a lot of interesting things but one thing that really stuck out for us is the concept of 'getting used to prejudice' and how sad it is that people do that all the time. Jenny spoke about the fact that she has gotten used to anti-Semitism in Ukraine. To us, that is a terrible notion. It is horrible that anyone would have to get used to prejudice, to bullying, to being treated badly. We know that prejudice exists and it might always exist but shouldn't we always be fighting against it? The number of conversations that we have had where people have said 'well, you should just accept that racism, homophobia, anti-Semitism, sexism (the list goes on) exist'. Why should we get used to any of those things? Why should any of us expect to be treated differently to those around us? It is really not ok that people adjust to prejudice. Think about those around you. Think about what life you would want for your friends, your family. Now think of how awful it would be if you told them to 'chin up' or 'get used to it'. Would you want any of your loved ones to just get used to being bullied? Would you want any of your loved ones to get used to people not accepting them for who they are? Now, think about all the loved ones in the world and what we would want for them.

People get used to things, absolutely. We adjust to negative situations all the time but what happens when the society around you treats you (or allows you to be treated) badly? Should we get used to it? How much should we take before we take a stance? We shouldn't take anything to be honest. We should take a stance as soon as the prejudice starts, as soon as people are made to feel uncomfortable about who they are. No one, regardless of who they are, should be afraid of being open about who they are. No one should face prejudice because of who they are.

We shouldn't wait for gas chambers to take a stance.

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