Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Yesterday, we were reviewing some of the pictures from our trip with friends and one in particular stood out for us. It was from Treblinka and it was the rock in the middle of the memorial that has 'Never Again' inscribed on it, in several languages. It got us thinking, who does the world think that they are kidding? Do the 'powers that be' not think that we have noticed their inaction since the Holocaust? Do the people on the ground make effort to change or do we just float along, getting wrapped up in the mundane (albeit still important) issues.

The Holocaust was an extremely shocking period in history where humanity turned on itself and as a response the world stood together and shouted 'NEVER AGAIN'. This cry for hope was just that, just a cry, little effort (in our opinion) has really been put into ensuring that people are no longer the victims of oppression. In fact some of the worst offenders were the powers that fought the Nazis (African-American civil rights movement anyone?). We find this fact extremely frustrating. We find it frustrating that so many empty promises were made after the Holocaust. We find it frustrating that no real changes were made and we find it frustrating that we pat ourselves on the back by having a Holocaust memorial day once a year. That day means absolutely nothing if no real effort is made to ensure that people do not face persecution.

It seems we do this a lot, we create myths about certain situations (Nazi executioners having no choice for their actions) or we kid ourselves into think how much we have changed. We thinking that it is time to debunk the myths, it is time that we woke up, smelled the coffee and realised how little has changed and how little the world has tried to change. This depressing fact doesn't need to be the end though. Despite the fact that we have failed to make a change, it is not to late to do so.

Hope (and love) are the basis for life, it keeps us going, makes us get out of bed everyday, makes us believe that tomorrow can be better. Not only do we have to have hope that the world and humanity can progress and can make things better but we have to actually put effort into doing so. Every person needs to think about the world that they are creating, how they are treating others, how others are being treated by others and what they can do about it. Very few people in our situations are powerless. It isn't too late and all is not lost but we must have hope that people will want to and will actively learn from the past to create a better future because if we don't have hope then what else is there? 

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