Friday, 13 April 2012


We just woke up from a twelve hour sleep! Travelling is so insanely tiring, we were falling asleep at dinner last night and after writing the blog post we went straight to sleep. We are hardcore. Today, we are going to intrepid explorer our way around Moscow, it's gonna be all kinds of Russian fun!

After writing last night's post in a sleep induced haze we want to explore the idea of hate in more details (now we are a bit more compus mentis). We want to ask you what makes people hate (on a large scale)? Can it ever be the result of a well thought out process? Can it ever be justified? Will hate ever vanish? It seems to us that hate is a part of nature as much as love is, it is an emotional reaction but when it goes unchallenged and is allowed to run free, it can become an action. It is this action that creates situations where children are bullied in a classroom for being Asian or where people are lined up at the top of a ravine and shot.

To understand hate and understand how to challenge it, we must first understand what causes us to have that particular emotional response. Perhaps it can be put down to self defence in the face of a perceived threat. For example when some religious people attack gay people because they think that they are a threat to traditional values, then maybe the emotional response is to hate. It could also be put down to the fear of what is unknown, maybe haters are just scared of something different to them? We are after all pack animals and we like to stick together, so an 'animal' of a different group (be it religious, sexuality, race) is an unknown entity and our emotional response is to hate. Jealousy may also play a part. A large percentage of the anti-Semitism seen throughout history is based on jealousy. Jealousy of the perceived success of the Jewish people, jealousy of the perceived wealth of the Jewish people.

So, what causes hate? It seems to us (and we are no experts) that ignorance and a lack of understanding causes hate. People hate entire groups because they feel threatened (either real or perceived) by them. They don't understand them and they group everyone together as one. If a Jewish person hated the entire German people because of the Holocaust, that would not be justified. We must judge personal actions, and personal actions alone. Hate the Nazis for their actions but don't hate the Germans. So how do we stop this? 

It's embarrassingly obvious actually, we educate. If the emotion of hate is a response to a perceived threat or jealousy, then we have to make people understand that there is generally no threat from and no reasons to be jealous of entire groups. The problem isn't actually the hate but it's the ignorance that leads us to hate. Sadly, this kind of ignorance is, more often than not, taught. People are fed lies everyday. They are taught to hate. So how do we counteract this? We all need to band together and focus on the truth. Governments, schools, parents, friends, the media, celebrity all need to come together to promote truth and understanding. Quite simply, if we understood that people cannot be bunched together and understood the actions of the individual then surely we wouldn't get to the emotions of hate. Despite it being an emotional response, hate really is just education gone wrong.

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