Saturday, 7 April 2012


After getting lost for two hours in search of the laundrette, we decided to have a lazy day. We had a late lunch and discussed plans post trip. Things are very exciting, but more about that when things become a little more concrete. 

We have been quite poorly today, sore heads, sore tummy's and sore backs. Travelling is really quite tiring and we are being kept awake at night by literally the nosiest neighbours known to man. They woke us up this morning signing Hakuna Matata in Russian, less pleasant than you might think, we assure you. 

We had an interesting experience last night. It was the first night of Pesach (Passover) so we were invited to a seder (a special meal and prayers to celebrate Pesach) and it was quite fun actually. We think we ended up at the wrong venue because (yet again) we got lost but when we found somewhere to eat, we ended up sitting next to a nice Ukrainian fellow called Ephraim who spoke to us in Hebrew, so it was great practicing many different languages (we're multi-lingual. Fact). The seder was very different to the way we would have done it at home (less singing, more Russian) but it was still good. We were invited out again tonight to another seder night but Jared is feeling really poorly, so we are staying in to get better so we can maximise tomorrows' experience! 

How is everyone back home? We hope that you have found our posts interesting and thought provoking. We are back in thirteen days which is a bit crazy, seems like we just left. We are sight seeing tomorrow and doing a bit of filming and we can't wait to see how stunning Odessa is, and of course we shall take some AMAZING photographs for you to see!

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