Thursday, 12 April 2012


We had a terribly dramatic morning! After staying up all night discussing our future plans, we slept through are alarm by TWO HOURS! Our taxi arrived at the hostel in Kiev at 4:00am and we were rudely awoken by banging on the door at 4:45am. Even in our sleepy haze we could work out that something was amiss. Despite fumbling around in the darkness we managed to be ready in less than five minutes (personal records, we assure you)! 

We then had the most panicked journey to an airport ever, we were convinced we were going to miss the flight, however we did not factor in our driver, Mr. Michael Schumacher. We arrived at the airport in record time, and we even had time to go and spritz some aftershave in duty free. So, the moral of this story boys and girls is that sleeping in is totally ok!

The flight itself was fairly average, although we did make full use of the free (soft drink) bar! Apple juice for everyone, dahling! We went through immigration where we insisted they stamped our passports (we need proof that we were here!) and then we were met by our driver who was more like Mr. Jensen Button.  

Jared's Russian face
Ben's Russian face
On first impressions a lot of Moscow is very dirty, bleak and grey (it has been snowing here), although some parts are stunning! We drove past the super famous Red Square which is really impressive! We arrived at our hostel and were told to dump our bags and come back later (you just can't pay for service like this). So, we are currently in a little Russian cafe enjoying some traditional Russian grub and they are actually playing the soundtrack to Anastacia, no joke.

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