Friday, 20 April 2012


After six months of planning, six weeks of travelling, countless Nestea Bsoshkveenyas, eleven cities, four plane journeys, six bus journeys, six train journeys, three missed busses, one Russian detainment, ninety four blog posts, six vlogs and 8,040 blog views we are coming back to you, Glasgow.

We have had the most amazing journey, we have learnt so much, seen so many incredible things and met so many wonderful people. We knew that this journey would be the start of something for us, we knew that we could not just travel to Eastern Europe and return unchanged. It has confirmed beliefs that we held before and given us new insights into different things.

Although the travelling part of this journey is over (for the time being), we do not intend to stop here. Spreading this type of message is something we are both extremely passionate about. We intend to formalise our plans and try to create something that can be used to educate people all over the world to be kinder to one another, to understand each other, to love each other and to remember the responsibility they have for their own actions and choices
 and the responsibility they have to the world around them.

We will continue blogging and continue spread this message but at this stage, we do want to thank every single last one of you who reads our blog and who has wished us well over the past six weeks. As you can imagine what we have been doing is not easy, it's been an intense, emotionally and physically exhausting, adventure. We simply could not have done it without the support and love from people at home and around the world, so thank you for that!

Despite the fact that we are coming home this journey is not over so please continue supporting us in whatever ways you can, keep reading the blog and spreading the message!

Much love


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  1. nice mentioned of the friends met along the way!!