Wednesday, 11 April 2012


We are getting up in three hours to fly to Moscow (hopefully we will get more sleep than we did the night before our flight to Krakow)! We are so excited to see Russia and to explore Moscow and St. Petersburg. It is so beautiful to us, despite its turbulent past. To us, Russia seems so exotic. It has a dark, dangerous, tragic and romantic history that really appeals to us. Although we are only visiting Moscow and St. Petersburg we hope that we will see a different culture and a different way of life.

Russia has the most incredible collection of beautiful things and we are insanely excited to see the art, the architecture and the music. We are planning on bringing back Faberg√© eggs for our mum's, we have heard they are cheap, right? 
A late Mother's Day present
We have prepared for our trip by watching Russian Ark, a stunning film that explores Russian history and that was filmed in one continuous shot in the Winter Palace. The music, the art and the costumes are so incredibly beautiful. You must check it out:

As Moscow did not experience a Holocaust (the Nazis never reached there), instead of filming, we are going to use this time to reflect on the trip so far. It has been so incredibly intense that we although we have been writing about our experiences we really need time to process the places that we have visited, the sites that we have seen and the information that have received. The Holocaust is an intensely complicated period of history and even we struggle to understand certain concepts. We also want to explore different ideas and philosophies that we have not had time to look at before. There is a huge list of subjects that we want to film/write about but we simply have not had the time so we are going to use our time in Moscow to explore these ideas! We will update you with our St. Pete's plans nearer the time.

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