Sunday, 1 April 2012


So we are all packed and are about to go and order room service for the last time (sob) from the Atlantic Hotel in Targu Mures. We have had the most amazing time here (in Targu Mures, not just the Atlantic), we have met the most amazing people and everyone has made us feel so welcome. It was like having two adopted mothers and countless adopted grandparents, they even pinched our cheeks!

Targu Mures

Ben and Susie Woosie
Mr. President and Mr. Jared

We interviewed Mrs. Marmor this morning and it was so emotional, she showed us the numbers tattooed on to her left arm by the Nazis when she arrived at Auschwitz. She told us how her mother was sent to the gas chambers and how hard it was for the family who did survive (her father and brother) to carry on without their loving mother. We couldn't help think of our mum's and how much we owe them and how we much we love them. We chatted away in French (although some of our French is better than others!) to her and her daughter who described what it was like growing up the child of Holocaust survivors and how it has made her so sensitive to the needs of others.
Mrs. Marmor's family in 1942. Her mother was murdered in Auschwitz

David, Susie's son, then filmed us at the Jewish cemetery, for his short film on us, which has undergone extensive renovation and the Holocaust memorial built to commemorate the families that were murdered by the Nazis. Afterwards, we came back to the Hotel, showered and did our hair before David interviewed us. That was quite exciting!

At 11pm we are boarding a night train to Bucharest and to say that we are scared would be an understatement. Before anyone accuses us of being overdramatic, everyone we have met today has warned us how dangerous it is and how we need to take turns to go to sleep in case people try and rob us and the fact that our hostel in Bucharest has said that we are not allowed to take taxis no matter how nice the people may seem! A very unpleasant picture is being painted for us. We will be as super safe as possible and we are currently practising Karate so fear not faithful readers, we shall arrive safe and sound in Bucharest at 5am!

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