Sunday, 8 April 2012


We intrepid-explorered our way around Odessa and we didn't get lost! Parts of Odessa are really beautiful (the areas that are well maintained are gorgeous and are really lovely). 

We went to the opera house where we performed our favourite aria, 'Queen of the Night' by Mr. Mozart - we received a standing ovation, well we were standing as we sang and then we applauded - still counts! We were then cornered by three men, each carrying a different wild animal (eagle, peacock and monkey) and they tried to get us to pay to take pictures with them, well, we were having none of it and said quite definitely that we would not be participating in their cruelty (they obviously had no idea what we were saying but it felt good to say it!).

We wandered around, taking photographs of beautiful buildings at interesting angles until we came to the Potemkin Stairs. They are an optical illusion (when you look down you can only see landing, when you look up you can only see stairs) - its actually not that impressive. 

We had a really interesting chat about whether people are either inherently good or bad. We came to the conclusion that all people have the capacity to do both good and bad things and it is all about the choices that are made and the circumstances that people find themselves in. We have to be responsible for our part of the world and the contribution that we make to the society around us.  

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