Wednesday, 4 April 2012


We decided to take advantage of the open space today so we spent they day playing in the sun, before our million hour bus journey begins.

After packing away all of our wordly goods at Hostel Tina, we intrepid explorered our way back into the centre of Bucharest. It is quite a cool area with lots of young people who never seem to go to school! The buildings are also quite impressive, partly because of their aesthetic and partly because of their size. We decided to have lunch in an amazing restaurant, it was exotic, it was delicious and it was filling, it was all we could ever have hoped for. It was McDonalds. 

We then went outside and it was SO sunny! We did some documentary filming discussing the past few weeks before we played with the camera for an hour (until the blasted thing ran out of battery). We practised some techniques that Tyra Banks taught us. Due to our excessive grooming habits we have run out of hairspray and someone stole our shampoo, so we replaced that. This entry so far is pretty much the low down of what we did today - today has been quite a low key day. 

Token nature shot.

Tonight we head to Kishinev, the capital of the Republic of Moldova arriving at around 7am tomorrow morning, we will probably be fresh and will probably have a bowl of cereal, we are not sure if we sit in the front, or chill in the back. From there we will get on another bus and go to Odessa (possibly through bribe-central (Transnistria)). We are excited to see Odessa, it is meant to be beautiful, especially when it's hot. The history is also very interesting, as it is throughout the entirety of Ukraine. 

Ukraine will be an interesting experience. Anti-Jewish feeling still seems to be quite strong, although the government has made efforts to stamp it out. During the 2010 general election a smear campaign was conducted against a candidate who was 'accused' of being Jewish. Homophobia is also extremely strong in Ukraine, with gay and lesbian people not being protected under the Ukrainian constitution. It seems pretty crazy that a country which saw the mass murder of millions of its own citizens by the Nazis and local collaborators still hasn't learnt. Foreigners also don't seem to be too welcome. We shall see how we get on! 

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