Friday, 4 May 2012


The editing process is well under way (well on paper at least) and it's very exciting! We are waiting on some very important software but we have decided which shots we are using and in which order. It is really cool to see it come together and to be able to visualise the way it will look when it's finished! We are trying as much as possible to involve the viewers in our journey. One of the difficult tasks that we face, is to make sure that people not only get what we are trying to say but to believe what we are saying, and believe it like we believe it. Making a documentary is a long process but from our limited experience, what has helped, is the fact that we have had such a clear vision of what we want the end product to look like. We don't just mean aesthetically (although that of course plays a massive part in it) but we also mean in terms of the story and how we want to portray the journey that we are on. We have decided on a name for the film and we have made the introduction section, which lasts about a minute but took two days to do (and it still isn't perfect). And before anyone makes a disparaging remark about our pace of work, it's not that we are slow workers, it's that it's an incredibly long process! When we were away, Marla and Jay Osborne introduced us to someone as film makers, that blew us away! We thought 'we aren't film makers, we are just making a film.' To us a film maker is someone with a directors chair, a megaphone and a cigar but it seems that all you need to do be a film maker is to make a film! Who knew!? We can't believe that we have made a documentary and we really hope it has worth and that people connect with it and our journey. We are very excited to show it you, so stay tuned.

From Yesterday, For Tomorrow is featured in the Jewish telegraph today, which is cool, so make sure that you pick up a copy. We have many copies so there may not be enough for you to buy, so as you are obviously desperate to read it, you may BORROW one of ours. Today the Jewish Telegraph, tomorrow (or some other time in the future) the Daily Telegraph! 

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