Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Once again, we must apologise for our lack of contact recently. We have been extremely busy but now at least we have some fairly interesting things to tell you!

We have finished the second draft of the documentary and it is so exciting seeing our work finally coming together. It is very strange to see it as a completed piece! We will hopefully have a premiere, all being well, in October time so stay tuned!

We have a few really important meetings, over the next month, with representatives from different organisations and networks to discuss our project. It seems quite surreal that these people would be interested in taking time out of their extremely busy schedules, to meet with us but it seems they want to!

We will hopefully have some exciting news for you in the next month or so, saying that however, we still have no idea where this project could go. That is kind of the beauty of it, it is limitless and could open up so many doors for us. It is so important for us that as many people as possible see our documentary. Not just for personal satisfaction but so the messages that we are trying to get out there, are heard.

We hope that our blog and documentary has been/will be both interesting and informative and will inspire people to help create a world where prejudice is not tolerated.

Thank you for your continued support and we will write soon! 

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