Friday, 14 December 2012


After nine months we returned to Poland (and more specifically) Krakow yesterday! It was a last minute decision to come as we had the opportunity to interview three Righteous Among the Nations (people who saved Jewish people, at great personal risk, during the Holocaust).

We desperately wanted to record more testimonies of the Righteous because it really reinforces FYFT's message of the fact that we have a choice in how we act and we are all responsible for our own actions.

After spending some time in (literally) FREEZING Krakow, we made the five minute (although in this temperature it felt like five hours) journey, back to our old haunting ground, the Galicia Jewish Museum. At 6pm we interviewed our first Righteous, a lovely lady called Stefania who swam across the Vistula river to carry a Jewish family called the Silberman's to her house, where they hid during the Nazi occupation. When we asked the simple quesiton of why Stefania and her family risked so much for the Silbermans, she replied 'I couldn't have lived with myself if we hadn't at least tried to do something.' 

Photographs of Stefania and the Silberman family         

 Stefania's Righteous Among the Nations medal and certificate bestowed upon her from 
Yad Vashem with the gratitude of the Jewish people.

 Ben and Miss Stefania.

Jared and Miss Stefania

After our meeting with the wonderful and inspiration Miss Stefania, our friend/assistant(!) Victoria, was at our hostel to meet us! Victoria had agreed to come to Krakow from Warsaw (braving delayed trains and again, freezing conditions) to help us translate our interview with the Righteous. To thank Victoria we had a traditional Jewish meal in the Kazimierz (Jewish quarter).

Today we have interviews with two more Righteous, Mirsolawa and Stefan, and now, we must subtitle the interviews!

We will share the stories of Miroslawa and Stefan later today. 

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