Thursday, 18 April 2013


Phew, it's been a busy week for FYFT!

What to tell, what to tell...

Double-Screening It!
We've been pressing on with our Charity Application & altering our business plan accordingly. Something that'll be useful in fundraising applications - which we're hard at work seeking out & filling in. If you have recommendations of grants or trusts that focus on furthering education, or share the same values of tolerance as we do, please don't hesitate to share them with us in the comments below - we're on a funding mission! Without it, we'll be struggling to continue with our work in the near future.

Funding aside, things are moving along nicely. Ben's in London to meet the Holocaust Educational Trust, leaving Janine - a new member of our team - behind to work twice as hard; twice as many screens = twice as much work completed, right? Fingers crossed we meet with HET's approval!

Outside the world of FYFT, we've been extremely saddened to learn about the Boston bombings - our hearts go out to the individuals and their families who this tragedy has impacted upon, as well as the city itself. Let our voice join those worldwide who have been professing their support through all channels of communication, and our hope that they discover the root of the issue speedily and without further injury.

Additionally, this week has faced the further tragedy of the earthquake in Iran, with 36 losses of life and thousands of families losing their homes - 19,000 in the last report we encountered. Again we want to profess our support for the Pakistani army who are providing emergency relief for those impacted. With Russia, the US & Turkey offering further aid so far, let such relief reach the suffering as soon as possible.

The world is always full of tragedy, it is true, but awareness of this suffering is part of our responsibility as a citizen of the world. Our thoughts go out to those in need.

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