Thursday, 11 April 2013


Hello FYFT followers!

We're shocked at how long has passed since we've updated our blog, so we thought we better fill you in on our happenings since December last year.

First of all, the documentary is now fully completed - our resources for our Holocaust Unit are 98% complete, and we have piloted them in two schools within Scotland. The piloting was a crucial step which allowed us to tweak and improve our resources from the feedback we received - there's none more honest than a class of School children! Thankfully the feedback was largely positive, so we know we've been pointing ourselves in the right direction in regards to social & emotional education so far.

We're also putting together plans for our next Unit - which we hope to focus on Homophobia - we've been in some exciting talks of partnership with some wonderful organisations, but our lips are sealed until any further developments are confirmed. No talky!

We've also decided to develop FYFT further and set it up as a Charitable organisation (SCIO). We realised that our aim of providing all high-school age children with a social & emotional education was being limited by our status as a limited company - oh, the irony! Being a Charity, we believe, will help us reach a wider audience - something which we also need YOUR help for, so please spread the word of FYFT - you can do this by following/sharing our blog, lending us any publicity you can offer or simply by liking & sharing us on our facebook page or follow us on twitter. We need your support to help make our dream of a tolerant world happen- so if you share our dream, please share your clicks and likes! :)

Last weekend we were delighted to be asked to appear at the Yom Ha'Shoah Memorial of the Newcastle Jewish Community. It was such an honour to present to those we knew had been affected directly by the Holocaust, and it was especially emotional to watch members of the community light candles in remembrance of members of their family murdered so many years ago. It enforced in us once more how important it is to educate about and learn from this subject, meeting so many others who shared our passion.

As our part in the ceremony, we showed our documentary to the community before Ben presented in more detail about the trip around Eastern Europe that brought the documentary to life. 

A new member of our FYFTeam, Grant Thomson then used his amazing talent on classical guitar to accompany a slideshow of pictures from the trip.

Thanks again to Henry Ross & Dorothy Sadlik for the invitation and for so kindly taking care of us during our visit - especially to Dorothy for keeping us well fed & watered - always the most important part of any event! ;) It was fantastic to meet such a lovely community and to be a part of such a moving ceremony.

That's all for just now, but remember to like us on Facebook to keep up to date with our daily goings on! And remember you can contact us if you'd like us to appear at any of your school or organisational events.

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