Friday, 31 May 2013



Yes, FYFT fans, we have got to that stage... The stage that you avoid as much as possible, as this stage really proves to be new charities' 'make or break'! Yes, we are talking about fundraising.

We have made such huge progress since we travelled to Eastern Europe little more than a year ago; our first unit of educational resources is almost complete and we are in talks to have them used throughout the country, but now our plans are becoming too ambitious for us to continue unfunded.

We are not sure if any of you have ever applied for funding, but completing one funding application form alone can take a very long time - although we are are, of course, aware of the need for such forms; we empathise with the poor trusts employees who must have to sift through them all!
It is also a difficult time to be setting up a charity and seeking funding, as we're sure you all know so well, times are hard and competition is rife.

We intend to delight you all with our own fundraising ventures and campaigns, which we will reveal to you shortly - warning; 90's pop music will be involved ;).

Please don't feel that this post is a direct appeal for donations - we just wanted to keep you all updated with our progress. However if you are able and willing to donate even as little as £2.50, then such funds would be incredibly, gratefully received. Please also feel free to spread the word of our blog and our overall message of tolerance - not forgetting our Facebook & Twitter pages! 

- It's true, we do! 


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