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My name is Ellen & I am currently volunteering with FYFT after finishing 6th year at Glasgow Academy! I met the FYFTeam when they ran workshops at my school way back in February, I instantly wanted to get involved & now here I am. I hope you find my blog on racism interesting.

The notorious loading sign of a bad internet connection eventually disappeared and my facebook newsfeed appeared before my eyes. For once, I didn’t even have to scroll down what would usually be my newsfeed full of rubbish until I found something that I actually found intriguing. The top post was a link, which had been shared by several of my friends, under the caption ‘Janelle Ambrosia is a racist’. I proceeded to click the link, which led to an article talking about the woman - a mother of two from Buffalo, NY, who became viral on the internet after a video of her racially abusing a man was posted online in late May 2014. In the video footage, it appears that the racist comments she was making were retribution for the man scaring her two children by starting his car engine. To cut to the point, I wanted to see this footage itself, as a part of me wanted to believe that he story was perhaps exaggerated. I was wrong. You could feel the sheer anger of the woman as she throws these horrendous comments at the man, and that was from simply watching it on a computer screen. As the man - an unmistakable victim of racism – states in the video, racism is alive and well. For those of us who like to think that racism is a receding problem in this world, it is incidents such as these that truly question that belief. There is no place in the modern world for racism. There never should have been a place for racism, at any point in history, but we must learn from our mistakes and we can only try to ‘make up’ for what we have allowed to happen by working towards its eradication. 

Another thing that struck me was all of this abuse was committed in front of the woman’s own children. She has such a powerful influence on the young and yet she chooses to set an example in that way. It really is sad to see. I can’t possibly think of anything to justify her actions and words in this situation. It is people like these who hold back society from becoming the fairer society which it so endeavours to become. There is no reason for us, as a unit, taking a step backwards from gaining the equality desired by many. A society free of racism is not only a more logical one but would be a much happier union. I only hope that the footage of Janelle Ambrosia hurling racist comments at this man is a rare example of severe racism, and isn’t just your average bout of racism. But I’m not so sure I can believe that is true. If what the victim says is true, and that ‘Racism is alive and well’, then we still have a lot of work to do. It’s never going to be something that happens overnight, and it requires a group effort.  But it will happen – we will fight racism. Who’s in?

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